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The Truth of The Matter: Art and Craft in Creative Nonfiction (Longman, 2006) illustrates how individual voice and narrative strategies distinguish this literary form from conventional nonfiction and presents the basic building blocks of creative nonfiction in a clear sequence, easily grasped by beginning writers.

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Essays from contemporary nonfiction writers such as Henry Louis Gates, Norma Elia Cantú, Pico Iyer, Joan Didion, and others are integrated into the chapters to illustrate concepts.

Questions of truth and creativity are addressed directly, showing where fiction and nonfiction diverge, and helping students enter the discussion around memory and objectivity.

Writing Prompts offer realistic and attainable writing goals–inspiring confidence in beginning writers–and provide a ready storehouse of raw material for future essays.

Examples of the 'sudden' nonfiction essay (under 750 words) allow students to experience a wide variety of styles and approaches.

A strong focus on revision, interwoven throughout the text, provides a variety of tactics and approaches and presents revision as an integral step in the writing process.